WE BUY Historical apartment houses

We are interested in

Houses before complete or partial reconstruction

Houses before complete or partial reconstruction. DUR is an advantage, a building permit with acquired legal power is ideal, but we can arrange it ourselves. We prefer houses that are already empty, or only fixed-term contracts without rental contracts with regulated rent (cooperation with the owner is required, if necessary).

Houses after reconstruction with yearly income

For our clients' funds, we buy historic apartment buildings that are typically no more than 10 years old after last complete reconstruction, with well-adjusted leases and a net annual yield of at least 5%. These can be also houses with one general tenant who is renting the house for the purpose of business with a contract for a maximum period of 5 years.

Offer Us

Residential Houses

Definitely the segment with the largest demand  among our clients and  with very limited offer. Every day, investors ask us about new opportunities. The greatest interest is in houses before reconstruction, but also houses in good conditions, occupied with tenants which generate an interesting annual income. 

Development Projects

We are constantly looking for new opportunities in development for our direct clients. We need development projects in attractive places throughout Prague and in Central Bohemia, whether family houses, townhouses or apartment buildings, ideally with a project and min. with a valid zoning decision. 

Hotels and Offices

Demand from our clients has expanded to the hotel segment, retail and office buildings. The interest is mainly in hotels in the 4 * and 5 * categories, in the central part of Prague. In the commercial sphere, there is great interest in office buildings and shopping centers with min. of 6% net annual revenue.

As part of cooperation with selected investment funds, we evaluate offers to purchase into our partners' portfolios. If you are thinking about selling a property or have a recommendation for an interesting apartment building, we will be happy if you contact us. We can respond very quickly to interesting opportunities. 

We are not short-term speculators in the market.

We approach real estate from the perspective of a long-term investment and respect the growth of its value over time. Thanks to this, we can present owners with an interesting offer that, based on a detailed analysis, respects the market environment and is not devalued by transient market fluctuations.