"As close to perfection as it gets"



We are passionate about Prague townhouses-their histories, architecture, restoration, brokerage. Our comprehensive knowledge of the townhouse market allows us to expertly educate and advise our clients. As a specialized brokerage, we know how to navigate the townhouse buying and selling process, where other brokers often lag behind.

We will take you through the best residential investment opportunities in Prague.

Residential houses in Prague are our great passion.  As an investor, you have the opportunity to draw on our in-depth knowledge, experience and, most of all, access to non-public offers. As the owner who wants to sell, you will gain from the direct access to our database of proven, long time clients.

Real estate remains one of the safest trading commodities and smart way of investing money in a long-term sustainable value instrument, so we focus on the finest real estate investment sector with a high return and a minimum of risk. Whether you have a short term business plan and looking for an interesting opportunity for reconstruction with great potential for quick resale or, on the contrary, you want to invest in a "finished" property that generates steady income, one thing is for sure, you have just found a team of people that is able to find and prepare the best opportunity for you.

Our key investment areas

Residential Houses

We are looking for houses with good potential for appreciation, especially before a complete reconstruction, or repaired houses with an interesting yield, all in strategically advantageous and attractive locations

Development projects

Interesting development projects of varying scope, in attractive places throughout Prague and Central Bohemia. Family houses, houses or apartment buildings, with projects and with a valid zoning approval.

Hotels and Commercial

We can offer a 4 * and 5 * categories hotels, mostly in the central part of Prague - Old Town, Lesser Town. Commercial centers we offer are located in Prague, but come also from all parts in Czech Republic and abroad.

Our recently SOLD Houses

Some of these houses have undergone a complete and sensitive renovation, which has resulted in the sale of housing units to new owners, who have found a new and beautiful home for their families which we are always most proud of. Other houses being occupied by tenants were purchased as part of a long-term investment strategy, where the rental scheme still works today and generates an interesting return.

Success in numbers

1.286 billion Czk in sales

Closed deals over the past three years

500+ million Czk under contracts

Deals currently under contract or in reservation

Our Values


It requires great deal of experience with sold properties in order to evaluate every opportunity correctly. Every house is unique and requires different investment approach.

Integrity & Reputation

We want to create a safe harbour to owners and investors, finding themselves at the same boat at one point  and make sure they feel their business is secured and well taken care off. 


The real estate law is also something that many underestimate, and being well knowledgeable in it can safe a lot of money as well as boost the confidence in the right purchase strategy decision in order to avoid unneccessary costs in the future. 


It is utterly essential to work with valid and precise information and gain an access to them before the others do. The real estate is fast moving vehicle and we drive in the highest gear.

Great team of trusted people

Our team circle is very tight and always working as one to protect each other in order to deliver smooth and dignified process between two parties that leads to best possible result.