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The only brand you need to have by your side when it comes to investing in historical apartment buildings in Prague

We are passionate about Prague's historic apartment buildings, their architecture, restoration, brokerage. Our comprehensive knowledge of this particular market allows us to expertly educate and advise our clients.

As a specialized brokerage in this field we have a great tools and system to get to the most exquisite off-market properties before the others do. We know how to navigate the townhouse buying and selling process to be smooth for both the owners and investors. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on the great real estate projects.

Let's build something special together.

We will take you through the best historic townhouse investment opportunities in Prague.

 Historic apartment buildings  in Prague is our great passion that runs through our blood. We enjoy working on such projects and we focus exclusively on them. Thanks to this, we have a perfect overview of available properties and we are able to offer those interested in investing in this segment the best services and opportunities. 

As an investor, you have the open door to draw on our in-depth knowledge, experience and, most of all, access to non-public offers. As the owner who wants to sell, you will gain from the direct access to our database of proven, long time clients who are also experienced experts in this kind of investment area.

Viktor Podivínský, Founder and CEO at Royal Resident 

The ROYAL RESIDENT project arose from a long time desire to create a unique space closely focused on investments in historic residential projects. We want to connect with people who also share the same passion for these architectural gems, and above all to work on mutual effort to respect their historical heritage and protect the "genius loci". 

Free property valuation

We offer to historical apartment building owners a free estimate of the price of their property. Thanks to our deep knowledge and specialization in historic apartment buildings, we have a perfect overview of their current price development on the market.

Some of our recently SOLD Houses

Some of these houses have undergone a complete and sensitive renovation, which has resulted in the sale of housing units to new owners, who have found a new and beautiful home for their families which we are always most proud of. Other houses being occupied by tenants were purchased as part of a long-term investment strategy, often as a part of family portfolio,  where the rental scheme works and generates an interesting return.

Our Core Values


It requires great deal of experience with sold properties in order to evaluate every opportunity correctly. Every house is unique and requires different investment approach. We have successfully done that, multiple times.

Integrity & Reputation

We create a safe harbor to owners and investors, They finde themselves at the same boat at one point  and make sure they feel their business and deal process is secured, well taken care off and completed in the utmost competence.


The real estate law is also something that many underestimate, and being well knowledgeable in it can safe a lot of money as well as boost the confidence in the right purchase strategy decision in order to avoid unnecessary costs in the future. 


It is utterly essential to work with valid and precise information and gain a quick access to them before the others do. The real estate is fast moving vehicle on very twisty road and we sure have the skills to drive in the highest gear.

Great team of trusted people

Our group work as a perfect circle of trust, we know about each other and our uniquer roles and abilities, always working as one to protect our clients interests in order to get the job done in the best possible result.

Our numbers

1.844 billion Czk in sales

Closed deals from begining of the RR at 2019

225 million Czk under contracts  

Deals currently under contract or in reservation

8.150 billion Czk in portfolio

The current value of properties in our portfolio available for sale