We believe the progress is created through passion. Being successful means thinking and doing things differently and have a desire to constantly improve. That is why we are committed to the field of the real estate investment segment, which in itself is very specific and requires constant attention and a comprehensively advanced business approach.

The real estate market in Prague, in historical apartment buildings, is a very competitive and very fast-evolving environment. The path to finding a unique opportunity goes hand in hand with well-crafted experience, dedication, knowledge and, above all, quick access to information.

It is crucial to be able to evaluate an interesting offer quickly and correctly and, above all, to be able to rely on one's own judgment when assessing such opportunities. No self-made man is behind any great achievements, so it is equally important to have a strong circle of reliable and hardworking people not only with a high degree of integrity, experience and expertise, but also enthusiasm for the same cause and keen to help each other to achieve the desired result. 

I believe that we have succeeded in fulfilling and developing all the necessary qualities and conditions for success so that today we can humbly say that we can always be one step ahead in this exciting field. The goal is always to create advantages on our side from which our loyal clients can draw, who will get the best opportunities with us before others. Time is an element that plays a very crucial role. It's not in vain to say that time is money. This is especially true in the real estate investment sector.

I like houses with interesting stories. Having a chance being part of their continuation gives my work important meaning

Viktor Podivínský, Founder and CEO at Royal Resident. 

About Viktor

As a real estate investment broker and huge architecture enthusiast of the late 19th century houses of all prime locations in Prague, the way our ancestors approached the residential  houses development won't stop amaze me. I have been lucky to hon my skills years through the most traditional real estate market in the world, London, Great Britain, where I developed great passion for Victorian era architecture. Empowered and equipped with quiet good and genuine sense for the buildings with historical value I moved back to Prague.

In Prague, a number of beautiful architectural styles are combined, bearing elements of Baroque, Rococo and subsequently Neo-Renaissance, when Art Nouveau elements begin to appear on the houses. This is where my great passion for houses from this extraordinarily creative period has fully developed. I longed to connect with like-minded people with same enthusiast and start discovering the investment potential of houses together. I started to build strong position in a segment that was not very widespread at the time, but thanks to perseverance accompanied by a number of falls and ups, today we are approached by a number of private investors, smaller or larger real estate funds and developers who focus on renovations and the revitalization of this once classy residential housing. To this day, we are proud to stand behind several amazing projects that gave a new home to many families and will shine for future generations.

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Viktor Podivínský

Real Estate Investment Advisor 

„Always a step ahead“


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Due to the sensitivity of the data, the protection of the privacy of the owners and especially the misuse of data by other brokers, we cannot present detailed information here on this site. If you are interested in recommending specific investment opportunities, contact me either directly by email or via the contact form. Thank you and we look forward to creating something special together.