A rare heritage in architecture

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Our big dream and the goal of these pages is the ability to contribute to the protection of the extraordinary architectural legacy that have been generously handed over to us by our ancestors.

→ Take a look at the gallery of a selection of such several gems, to remind ourselves with what passion, feeling and respect people used to approach the construction of premium residential housing.

That is why we want to cooperate with such investors who, in addition to a well-thought-out way of valuing the investment, have the need and ability not only to bring back these houses its main purpose and value, but to sensitively and respectfully follow and preserve this exceptional heritage.

The ROYAL RESIDENT real estate project is to function as a finest place for investors and owners. Making an investment in the whole apartment buildings and similar real estate opportunities is a very specific segment with a number of nuances, where many brokers tend to grope, so we believe that it deserves it's own space at the high level. That's why we got together as a team of determined people with deep knowledge, many years of mutual experience and great motivation to do this work with transaprency and honesty. This real estate platform was created so that not only we are happy to provide a professional environment, but also to effectively and clearly serve as a source of transfer of our knowledge and especially business opportunities, which will be appreciated by large real estate funds, small and medium investors as well as to create professional support for property owners.