Selling a Townhouse

You are ready to sell your townhouse and you've decided to hire a professional to market your property.

For good reasons, most of the owners, do not wish their property to be presented in public in any way. Among many other things it is caused by the fact there is sort of mediators who ultimately have no clients, and often lack the experience and legal right to offer their services. The broker or agent who says there's not really any difference between selling townhouses and high-end apartments has sold very few townhouses, if any at all. Just as owning an individual townhouse is far different than owning an apartment, selling a townhouse is much more intricate and complex.

Our advantage over the others lies in the fact that after years of built reputation, trust and especially the results of our work, we are regularly approached by end buyers. The very moment we register the new listing under our wings we immediately send the offer to prospective buyers.

Our direct clients include large and small investment groups, private investors and foreign real estate funds for who we have already completed a number of deals and whose credibility is proven through the long term business relationshiop. Our job and responsibility, among other things, is also to filter out any disruptions, protect both parties from manipulation and prepare the conditions for a smooth deal completion, fast and before the listing starts to spread uncontrollably through the market.

Your listing is in good hands with us

You are ready to sell your townhouse and you've decided to hire a professional to market your property. Your primary goal is to find a broker, with proven track record of sold houses, who will achieve the best price available for your property in the current market, within the time frame your life demands.


Direct buyers

We cooperate with a number of several investment funds, private investors and family funds. We are being approached by investment groups, both domestic and foreign, which, based on recommendations, are looking for support in finding and arranging an investment with us. We always make sure that your property finds its way directly to our client, the potential buyer.

Due Diligence Support

We have surrounded ourselves with professionals in the field of real estate law, tax, financial and accounting issues. These partners are fully available if you need to carry out proper due diligence on the property. We were just as demanding when choosing the partners that can evaluate the property in detail from the construction and technical point of view. Everything for piece on your mind.


We will ensure that the offer does not spread uncontrollably through the market without your knowledge. We will sign a confidentiality agreement and you will always be informed about every movement of the your listing towards a specific client. Keeping sales private and thus protecting your privacy is an absolute priority for us. It is also the only way to achieve the expected result without unnecessary drama.

Sell with us

If you're considering selling your house, or just want to get a sense of the value of your house on the market, we would love to meet.